GE Refrigerator Ice Door Flapper WR17X11653

by GE
(61 customer reviews)
Price: $8.05
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  • General Electric BSS25JFRWW, General Electric BSS25JSRFSS, General Electric BSS25JSRSS

Customer reviews (see all 61 reviews)

Amazon and YouTube save the day!, July 16, 2012
GE must have some type of defect with this part, because I needed to have it replaced a year ago for the same issue. If your ice chute is frosting up, shine a flashlight down the chute inside the door and check to see if any light is coming through...

A snap to replace!, September 27, 2011
Thanks to a You Tube demo that takes you through the simple steps of replacing the rubber flap in the chute of the GE Ice Dispenser, I saved $80.00 plus for a service call. It took only about 10 minutes to replace the original door, which was all...

Back to normal., December 2, 2012

GE WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main Control Board

by GE
(313 customer reviews)
Price: $99.87
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  • Instructions included
  • Genuine GE factory part

Customer reviews (see all 313 reviews)

Works great but it's covered under warranty, March 14, 2011
If you are reading this, odds are your GE Profile fridge is quite warm on a Sunday night. You are desperately trying to figure out what's wrong. This board may solve your problems. It is a recalled part so you may be able to get it from GE for...

GET IT FOR FREE FROM GE, August 22, 2012
I got a free main board replacement PN: WR55X10942 on Aug 22, 2012. The customer service person was aware of the main board issues and asked for my model and serial number refrigerator to see if it was covered. My fridge is a stainless steel 25...

GE WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main control Board, November 19, 2010
My 2 year old bottom freezer refrigerator started to have the classic symptoms, not always cooling, one second clicking sound when not cooling. Some times the refrigerator cooled but not the freezer part. Sometimes neither part cooled while the...

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Questions & answers

artlover_65 artlover_65 says:
I have a Monogram refrigerator that is not keeping cool?
The repairman said it would cost about 1k to replace the compressor. And he also said that he can't guarantee the job because I am the 2nd owner of this piece of junk. What shall I do? Junk it? To replace it would cost about 5k. It's one of those...
appliance, HVAC Technician says:
call a GE authorized service center,it might just be the computer board that will only cost about 200.00 to replace