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  • Propane shortage prompts Governor's emergency executive order for truckers

    In fact, the propane can't come into the market fast enough to fuel home and business furnaces, grain driers, and gas grills. Governor Scott Walker declared an energy Code Chs. Trans 325 and 327. This exemption applies to all highways in Wisconsin

Carrier Furnace Ignitor Troubleshooting

Having troubles, problems or issues with your Carrier furnace ignitor? Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix anything going on with...

Tankless water heater - Has anyone had a GOOD experience?

I have researched them and found most users are dissapointed with their performance (esp during low-flow applications) and that when they stop working (often) it is difficult to impossible to get any service. The only advice I got was to get an expensive Japanese brand (ie Takagi) and spend the $$ up front rather than on the back end with repairs and replacements.