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    A Business Bloodline

    The Troy Light Company's longevity is even more impressive considering the recent recession, the increased competition from big-box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot, and the advent of Internet commerce. Dan Gaies, the fourth generation, is the

  • Saturday Wish List for the Myrtle Beach area

    gift cards to Lowe's or Home Depot, 15 gallons of paint, hand cart, rolling clothes racks, 16-inch wide shelving boards, 2-foot or 4-foot vertical metal shelf tracks, track lights and components, four 2-by-4 fluorescent light ballasts, large

Review of GE Fluorescent Light Bulbs/Tubes at Lowe's - AaronTheEagle1 Video

We had to pick up some sealant for our bathroom and while my parents are looking for it, I decided to come to the light bulb aisle to look at the light bulbs...

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Saturday Wish List for the Myrtle Beach area -

The Saturday Wish List is a place for nonprofit organizations or clubs to list their current needs. We will not publish anything regarding the exchange of labor for money or the exchange of items for money. The deadline is 5 p. m. Tuesday. Call the voicemail at 626-0282 or email features@thesunnews. Leave your name and contact information.

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Tammy Kennedy Tammy Kennedy says:
Where can you buy low wattage fluorescent lights?
I have a lightbox, but the fluorescent lights are too bright. I need to get low wattage fluorescent bulbs but i dont know where to buy them? I tried Lowes, and they didnt have any? Any Ideas? Thanks!
harlysdream66 says:
try this old house ,they have big lists of company's that supplies this type of thing

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A Business Bloodline
That was also when the store moved to the current location at 85 Congress Street, from number 84 across the street. “We’ve grown from within, with outside salespeople, but always from one location.” Mitch says that there are many siblings among the ...
The ColorView Lighting System by Tailored Lighting Celebrates 20 Years of Taking the Guess Work out of Choosing Paint, Fabric, and Tile Colors
Rochester, NY, Jun 19, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- Color matching and color selection is an everyday occurrence at design studios, do-it-yourself hardware stores, fabric shops, flooring and furniture stores. Color samples from walls, floors, and ...


light box
Light box I made using zip ties and 2' x 2' fluorescent light lenses (search Metalux troffer replacement lens at Lowes Home Improvement store).
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... versus halogen under cabinet lights? - Lighting Forum - GardenWeb
... versus halogen under cabinet lights? - Lighting Forum - GardenWeb
... /Commercial Electronic Fluorescent Light Ballast at
... /Commercial Electronic Fluorescent Light Ballast at
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fluorescent grow lights lowes aeroponic growing system high power led ...